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The webmaster tools accounts offered by both Google and Bing are optional, but it’s a good idea to take advantage of them for websites you’re concerned about improving rankings for. Both of the webmaster panels provide a lot of control on how your business is interpreted by the search engines and both will validate that the person signing up for the panel access does indeed have control of the website being submitted as no options will become available unless the site is validated through placing a piece of code onto the website or having access to the Internet domain name or website address of the website as they use DNS records to validate such control.

Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools The Google Webmaster Tools panel is useful for letting Google know that the site is verified by an owner and can help Google access certain characteristics of a websites' structure. It is also very helpful in letting Google know about specific aspects of your site, most of which it can figure out on its own, but sometimes controlling these settings within the webmaster panel is beneficial as the webmaster can make changes, submit sitemaps directly (for hard to crawl pages), set language preferences and view backlinks as well as statistics that Google shares about your site. Google recommends all site owners take advantage of these panels and some features are only available from within webmaster tools such as Google's change of address tool.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Like Google, Bing also has its own webmaster tools panel where you can control many aspects of how your site is displayed in search results. The Bing panel provides many of the same features that Google provides and some which Google doesn’t, such as crawl control, a feature which allows you to set the frequency and time of day it is best for Bing to crawl your web pages in the event your site is busy at certain times of day. This feature provides a webmaster with some level control over the amount of resources available to the site in the event, the site is busy in the day time or on the weekends, a webmaster can tell Bing to only crawl web pages on Monday through Friday in the evenings, for example.

Both webmaster panels will allow finding problems and fixing errors in your site that could adversely affect your natural or organic search engine rankings, most of which you may not even be aware of unless you have this reporting insight. Reading, accessing and understanding the information available within these panels, while extremely value, could be difficult to understand and while both should be used, a business owner may require help in using them. We can help control, manage and maximize these tools for your business and if you’re not yet using them, we certainly suggest taking advantage of them with our webmaster services.


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