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Server administration is a critical function for any business that is hosting a website on its own dedicated or even semi-dedicated server. Most companies will have either an employee or other dedicated go-to person who will assist in, or ‘administer’ the company’s web server. This includes server monitoring, handling of security updates and continually focusing on hacking deterrent strategies, making updates to the network firewall, configuring IP addresses, setting up email accounts, creating, maintaining and editing A, TXT,MX and SPF records, as well as handling SSL issues and managing domain names. All of these services can become inoperable or even abused if and when there is not someone who is experienced monitoring them.

Linux Server Being in the Internet business for nearly twenty years, our company has become extremely familiar with these critical services and can consult and/or advise you not only on money saving opportunities but more importantly on reliability and uptime of your website, especially if your business is already experiencing a web hosting environment that is less than stable. We help clients by hosting our sites on well configured hosting machines which flawlessly operate lightning fast servers. We are also experienced in server optimization for lagging sites or sites which do not operate properly or load slow due to poor development. Often times, this is due to less than required disk space, memory or processing power to execute database queries where query optimization becomes necessary. In other events sites which are causing server crashes or MySQL database issues can be sped-up through something called Memcached which optimizing a servers' RAM.

If your webmaster or website administrator is alerting of issues with your website due to an unmanaged server environment, less than stellar support from your web hosting provider, or other problems with the performance, operating, uptime or security of your website, we can help. Our specialties are in the Red Hat Linux, Apache, FPM, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, control panels such as Plesk, CPanel and other popular software, services and control panels. Contact us today to find out and identify issues which could easily be resolved with the right hosting provider and server configuration. If you’re current web host is limiting your ability to optimize your server environment, in just might be time to migrate your servers to more efficient, reliable and scalable environment.


Feel free to request more information or call us right now at 631-983-2201. You can also order a strategic consultation to acquire only the immediate technical support or insight you seek.