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There was a time where a public relations company was one which would work with newspapers and other news and media sources when they believed such media source could place a client into a spotlight either on television or in print. Times have changed greatly and many old-school public relations companies have found that it's much more about the web these days, and finding good media placements includes many of the Internet strategies they’re not so knowledgeable about; half their career was spent building relationships with news and media people who are now long gone, eliminated by declines in television newsrooms and budget squeezes at national newspapers. Sure, they still have a connection or two scattered about, but what they are really trying to do is get a handle on this "Internet stuff".

Online Public Relations Today’s public relations professional needs to be much more an Internet and socially savvy professional who can find online venues for their clients story to get picked up not in print with declining circulation, but on Internet blogs, social networks, YouTube, Facebook, they've got to Tweet and acquire Retweets, Shares, etc. That’s right, today’s savvy PR professional needs to be an Internet marketer who knows full well how to harness the power of the Internet and knows how to get their clients story published online, acquiring backlinks and make it go viral on social media websites such Facebook. The buzz building landscape has changed greatly, however, past public relations companies much prefer that you are not aware of this fundamental change in new media. Well, that’s how we’ll lead in as well as set ourselves apart, becuase the Internet is what we do.

If you are looking to get your business highlighted and shared within today’s "new media" you not only require a good angle but you also need a net-savvy marketer who possesses knowledge on how to get your story-angle boosted online so it can contribute to building "online creditability" and help boost social buzz for your company. We’ve been working with online news and media publishers for well over a decade. The difference with Internet Advertising Inc., is that long before our colleagues on the other side of the spectrum were watching declines in print and television viewership, far from prepared to even think about the Internet in that capacity, our team was out there building this new medium.

So let’s together get your business the "online media" exposure you need through real world interviews with journalists whom are hungry for your story so they can tweet it, share it, improve on build an angle with compelling facts that will be shared, syndicated, republished, tweeted, liked and all of what matters most in today's digital world. Contact us today to find out how we can help build your brand online with a new and evolved strategic online public relations campaign.


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