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Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website so that it can be read and comprehended by search engines for optimal performance in search engine result pages (SERPS). When search engines decide which websites to rank in search engine results they use all of the information they have retrieved the last time they visited a website. Additionally, they combine this information with data and statistics they've gathered elsewhere on the web such as from other sites and social media platforms.

Optimization Gear Upon each visit search engines read, scan and interpret a website to decipher its purpose and reliability. When this process is complete, search engines programmatically decide where to place a site in their search results based on the combined data they have including web site popularity. Search engine optimization is the process of influencing the outcome of a website's ranking, which is increasingly becoming more and more difficult as search engine algorithms get smarter and look for characteristics which are typically more difficult to control by webmasters and site optimizers.

For instance, today verses days past, search engines will attempt to measure a users experience on the website, such as how long a person may read a website, or how likely the website provided the information that the searcher was looking for in order to determine its quality. These types of characteristics are more desirable and reliable to a search engine than looking merely at keywords and key phrases which may or may not appear on a web page. Today, search engines prefer to measure characteristics less likely to be influenced by optimization practices in order to deliver more acurate results.

A smart and savvy search optimization process includes not only the optimization tactics of the past, but also include conversion optimization, usability improvements and social media marketing to bring more and more users to a website through activity knowing search engines will be measuring these visits – not just counting web links and keywords. Contact us today to find out more about how Search engine optimization combined with the knowledgeable staff at Internet Advertising Inc., can create a newfound vision for your business.


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