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Website hosting is an essential part of your website and is a required service which many people do not consider when they begin the process of building their website or moving it from one provider to another. Often times, site owners believe that their website just exists as part of the Internet itself, however this is simply not the case. Website hosting is required because your website, its files which make up all of its pages, require a place to exist and be accessed on the Internet. Web hosting is the actual space your website files are stored and get viewed from similar to how files exist in a folder on your desktop computer. The only difference is that your website files are sitting in a folder somewhere on someone else's computer (the host).

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Website Hosting Examples Web hosting isn’t automatically included with your website in most cases and is a separate responsibility of the website owner. Often times, the company who builds the website will provide website hosting services and most companies will charge their customer either yearly or in most cases, monthly. What’s included in your website hosting will differ with almost every provider. For instance, some providers will include control panels, website builders, and features for site management while some may offer none of these things. Others might be full service solutions while other won’t include any type of assistance, support, oversight or server administration.

Many issues can arise with your website hosting services such as software and hardware failures which could remove access to your website and cause what is typically referred to as downtime (a period of time where your website is not accessible and is down). Other issues could include security and hacking into your web space and destoying your site or using its webspace to send spam or redirect your web traffic elsewhere. With us, we work to package all of these services together so that once your site is hosted with us, you’re safe and we’ll manage your hosting account, monitor the account for security issues and in most cases, even assist you with making changes to your site, however, every situation is different and some customers may not want or require these services.

If you need help with understanding what exactly is included with our website hosting services we’re best reviewing the type of website you have and considering the types of hands on assistance you require in order to give you a quote which is best for your business and its specific needs.


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