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You don't need to be a rocket-scientist to know that advertising can be expensive, but it can also be the single driving force for growing your business. "Geotargeted marketing" is the process of targeting a very specific geographic area with your advertising messages increasing their relevance and saving you considerable amounts of money.

Geographic Marketing By targeting only users who are most likely to convert into leads you can take advantage of one of the most successful changes to traditional advertising campaigns or those which are just misguided attempts at capturing the right prospects.

Geotargeted marketing is implemented in many different forms of advertising online and can be used in search engine optimization, visual banner campaigns as well as other forms of digital marketing. It is also very common in social media campaigns. If and when you target your ads within geographic locations you affectively limit ad spend only to those who are close enough to visit your store or have a need for a service which is most relevant to a geographic area, such as localized services and/or for businesses which only service a particular area or region.

Geotargeting can be used to capture an audience within a region, state, city, township or single zip code. Geotargeting can be especially successful when used in combination with sponsored search advertising campaigns such as displaying ads at the tops of search engines as well as video ad campaigns. Imagine if you could target only users within fifteen miles of your physical location? Now you can with Geotargeted marketing campaigns. Contact us today to find out more about how Geotargeted marketing combined with the knowledgeable staff at Internet Advertising Inc., can create a newfound vision for your business.


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