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Internet Advertising Inc. Founder

Internet Advertising Inc. was founded by John Colascione, an Internet advertising professional who has been developing web based businesses since 2001. Colascione is Chief Executive Officer of Internet Advertising Inc. as well as several other businesses which provide services and technology solutions to customers. Colascione is also a developer himself and creates the majority of technical solutions offered.

John ColascioneJohn Colascione is an accomplished "E-Business Consultant" and "Serial Entrepreneur" specializing in Business Growth, Optimization, and Maximizing Revenue. Areas of experience: Website Monetization, Localized, Targeted Content, Domain Names, Web Hosting, Business Development, Search Engine Algorithms, Online Directory Development, Marketing and Management, Trademarks, Service Marks and Brand Establishment.

One of the things that set our company apart, as well as many of our associated companies, is that our founder participates in the marketing, management and oversight of the majority of our client projects ensuring they are handled with the upmost attention and taking advantage of the latest technologies.

We believe that when companies retain their owners or founders dedicated involvement on projects those projects success is more attainable and likely. Just as you would want a contractor business owner or foreman on the project grounds, you want your digital team to have founding executives available for critical consulting when tough issues arise.


Feel free to request more information or call us right now at 631-983-2201. You can also order a strategic consultation to acquire only the immediate technical support or insight you seek.