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The first piece of direct mail to be considered advertising was delivered to homes in 1872. It was a single page with advertisements on it, the brainchild of a relevantly unknown individual named Aaron Ward. However, someone a little more notable liked the idea, and his name was Richard Sears, who went on to create his version of mailed advertisements with the very first Sears Catalog. The rest is history.

E-mail Marketing Today, reaching people in their e-mail boxes rather than their mailboxes has become a leading channel of online marketing for reaching consumers. It’s also extremely targeted, measurable and less expensive than traditional bulk postal mail and can be as creative as your heart desires. However, there are many rules of the road which must be followed when it comes to sending email for solicitation purposes and associated fines and penalties are nothing to take lightly.

Of the most important laws in the United States is the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This law applies to call commercial email messages sent in bulk. Regulations of this act require strict rules to a marketing emails header information, subject line, ad disclosure, senders Location, must offer an unsubscribe option, opt-out completion. Equally important is that hiring a third party to send the messages does not shield the marketing message’s owner from liability; in this case both the owner and the third party will be responsible for compliance. For this reason it is critical to hire a company that will follow these important email marketing rules.

However, when done properly email marketing can be extremely effective. In fact, in in many sectors email marketing is among the top three most effective ways to drive website visits leads and sales. Email marketing allows you to target certain demographics including industry, employment type, positions held, political affiliations, ages, rage of income, interest, and plenty more. Using this information can then be added to even more methods of filtering such as location, right down to a targets zip code. This creates a wide pool of available consumers or businesses to reach whether locally or nationally.

If you're interested in exploring all of the marketing techniques and email capabilities available to reach your targeted audience we can help build, design, create and deploy an effective email marketing campaign which will utilize approved opt-in compliant lists of targeted prospects with our full service email marketing campaigns. If you already have your own list and want to do your own email marketing, cick here.


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