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There are many ways to go about building a website for your business - some of which are completely free if you are willing to take the necessary time to click, drag, drop and build your own look and feel based on pre-designed templates. There are also paid web site builder programs and software that will help you accomplish building and maintaining your site at low cost, generally with low monthly fees which include web hosting. The majority of time people choose to not go this inexpensive route is to the save time and hassle of doing it themselves, however, with these free and low cost tools there are limitations which create good reason to have your website custom designed by a professional.

Website Custom Designed When we build a website we first ascertain what the websites main purpose will serve and whether or not it will be to simply provide information or if it will allow visitors to login to the site and process or send data to the website or its owners including functions that would require a database such as displaying information based on certain requests by the user; This does not including a simple contact form. After the sites main functions have been identified, we desire to understand the basic look and feel the client is seeking to achieve with their new website, which is often just a redesign of an existing site they are either no longer happy with or have lost access to from a past designer and require updates and changes. Another common reason is to upgrade an old site to properly display on today's newest devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Our preference is to build and create websites on a platform known as WordPress, which is a highly customizable CMS or content management system which is database driven and will allow site administrators to log in and easily make changes. WordPress websites are probably the most commonly used websites on the Internet today as there are currently in the area of 75,000,000 websites running WordPress content management software. Unfortunately, with such wide use come complications such as security issues which can be avoided by having a custom built static website.

Deciding to go with a custom built static non-database driven website is often less expensive, especially if the sites does not require database activity and the site is intended as information-only. It is best for us to review the desired site requirements and its necessary functions with our customers so that we can decide which will be most efficient and secure as a platform to build a new website on. These decisions will affect the safety, security, hosting requirements and of course the cost of the website to be created and are decisions best made from the very beginning of the website building plan.

If you are interested in building a new website or improving and upgrading an existing site, please feel free to contact us with your desired ideas and we will customize and particular plan of action for a platform to be used. All of our website designs are mobile friendly responsive website designs and can be built from scratch or build through WordPress using a variety of plugins (for functions) and templates (for styles). Alternatively if you already know of a site that you would like to replicate a similar look,feel and style, simply let us know which site it is and our team could replicate something very much like it.


Feel free to request more information or call us right now at 631-983-2201. You can also order a strategic consultation to acquire only the immediate technical support or insight you seek.