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There are several reasons you might need to update content on your site. For one, if you have a news section of your site, or a blog, it might be burdensome to you to have to update it continually, as if you do not, you risk your news section or blog appearing as it has been abandoned. Other reasons could include old, out of date information, and this is something Google is always looking to identify, so they do not send people, to old, inaccurate or misleading information. Imagine being able to know your site content is always up to date without having to lift a finger?

Blog Updates

Content Is King Our team consists of writers and journalists who enjoy researching and writing information for you and many of them do this for a living and rely on a steady stream of writing work. We have the staff to assign a specific writer for your blog who will research your industry for news and interesting updates to provide fresh content so you don’t have to. Sounds perfect doesn't it?

This is done by researching current events related to your market or industry and writing stories or news articles about topics tightly related to your business. These journalists write the content and it is then sent to our team of editors for editing purposes; once edited and approved, it then goes to a dedicated webmaster to blogger to be added to your site. This is done, in most cases, on a weekly basis and ensures your blog or news section stays alive and well. Often times this even leads to other sites linking to your blog which builds importance for your site.

Content Writing

Some sites have content that needs to be updated as it is old or out of date or created years ago which now appears or sounds stale. Often times, a site owner does not know where to turn to hire someone for the specific project of copywriting or writing web page content. We have writers that can re-write your content pages for you based on specific instructions, requests for particular research, or even come up with something from scratch. A great website should have a great deal of information about all of the products and services your business offers. Our team will work on your site content on either a per-page or per-project basis. Just let us know exactly what you need done and we’ll assign a writer or journalist to go over all of the material and come up with per-page or per-project estimated cost.

Sales Copywriting

Copyrighting is the practice of writing content specifically for sales purposes so that it can inconspicuously sell your message while providing helpful information. It’s more of a persuasive sales oriented copy and is usually the most complex type of content to generate as it takes not only a very good writer, but also a savvy marketer. This content is intended to encourage your reader to take an action such as signup for your service, purchase your product, etc. It must be engaging, creditable, clear, concise and most importantly - persuasive. The right sales copy is so good it can convince you to purchase a new item of which you already have one which is totally fine; that’s how good it is, and that’s how good you need it to be.


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