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At times, you might just have questions which are specific to only your type of industry. You may have ideas of business models to launch, or not to launch. You might have questions about the types of Internet advertising that’s best for your unique situation. That’s when you want to get a fully transparent and paid consultation with the experts at Internet Advertising Inc.

Strategic Consultation A great deal of information can be ascertained by a full-service open and honest consultation with our experts so that you are prepared with not just a sales pitch; not just a lure-in proposal which promises what ‘can’ or ‘might’ be done, if and when you sign up. That’s not what you want. You’re looking for real-world answers to very specific questions, potentially, even before you enter into an agreement with a different third-party service provider.

This is the perfect reason to contact us today. A strategic consultation with Internet Advertising Inc. can save your business thousands in preparation costs just to launch a potentially far-misguided approach to promoting your business. Paid search engine ads may work for a particular business with an attainable goal or clear ROI, but it may not be right for your business. Social media marketing could be a huge lead provider for your industry, or – it could be a financial businesses compliance nightmare waiting to happen.

There is no way to know for sure unless you can speak with and strategize with educated experienced marketers who are familiar with the tools used for these promotional mediums, not to mention how the public or your prospects may react to them. Let’s ensure you have a great deal of information about what you are set out to do, before you attempt to do it by speaking with an expert at Internet Advertising Inc.

Strategic consultations are also perfect for businesses that recognize they require a great deal of help and direction but they are hesitant to inquire due to the extensive amount of questions and guidance they believe they desire. A paid consultation which is timed allows this business owner to acquire all of the needed help and assistance without worry of consuming our experts valuable time or being rushed; they simply pay for the time they need no matter how much time that might be.

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal payments. Typically, when our experts speak with clientele, and you’ll be on the phone with an expert with fifteen years’ experience or more, there are many ideas ready to be put into action immediately afterwards which is why we can assure you that the small consultation fee is well worth your money – because knowing, really is half the battle.


Feel free to request more information or call us right now at 631-983-2201. You can also order a strategic consultation to acquire only the immediate technical support or insight you seek.