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What we know of advertising today began back in the late 1800s when the very first targeted slogans, images and phrases began to be used by Thomas Barratt whom many call "the father of modern advertising".

Internet Advertisement Today, advertising is everywhere; surrounding our every thought and consuming our daily routine. What is known as "Internet advertising" exists in many forms, yet all have to do with utilizing the Internet to capture and grow your business. Internet advertising is the best medium for both reaching and measuring, very important, "measuring" the results of your advertising. Never before has there been such an accurate way to measure a campaigns return on investment as what we see with Internet advertising. This is due to the ability to track a web click far more reliably than to attempt to measure an ads reach when in print, on television or radio.

The Internet has created a system for releasing an advertising message to an audience and then measuring how that audience reacts to the ads creating a more measurable return on investment, not to mention a faster and more accurate way to alter and modify those ads for success. Internet advertising can help your business grow by reaching people in their daily email, on their smart phone, while they read their email messages and while they speak with friends and family. It’s the best form of measurable influence in the market today.

Advertising on the Internet can be in the form of banner ads (also called creative), within email messages (similar to direct mail), through processes such as "remarketing" (a process which continually follows consumers based on viewing habits) and general behavioral targeting such as people's interests from data captured from opt-in services. If you are not yet utilizing Internet advertising for your business you are missing the majority of your customer acquisition opportunities. Contact us today to find out more about how Internet advertising combined with the knowledgeable staff at Internet Advertising Inc., can create a newfound vision for your business.


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