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About Internet Advertising Inc.

Internet Advertising Inc. is a business corporation formed under Section 402 of the Business Corporation Law of New York State. The corporation is an online advertising and consulting company with over 15 years’ experience building businesses specifically using the Internet. This experienced vision and advanced foresight assists our clientele in achieving growth through Internet based advertising and website promotion.

New York State Over a decade ago, before Google became the popular data-mining tool it is today, traditional advertising mediums such as Yellow Pages books, television, radio and billboards were the typical method that advertising companies would use to reach end-users.

Today, the Internet has changed the daily lives of millions of consumers putting instant access to nearly all information including contact details, driving directions and even real time shopping right into the pockets of most Americans. This advancement in new technologies has brought with it, significant change for those needing to reach those customers who can now gather information on their phones, tablets or from inside their vehicle while on-the-go.

The executives behind Internet Advertising Inc. have watched these changes take place and have the experience and know-how to assist businesses in using the newest technologies including social media sites, remarketing strategies, behavioral targeting and other online advertising opportunities to capture potential consumers of online media; easily attributed as the difference between success and failure.


Feel free to request more information or call us right now at 631-983-2201. You can also order a strategic consultation to acquire only the immediate technical support or insight you seek.